3rd Planet Solutions

There are a lot of computer and design service companies in the City of San Antonio, but none of them are quite like 3rd Planet Solutions! What separates me from the rest?  First and foremost, I cater my business to the underserved small business and my customer service is among the best in the business.

As a small business ourselves I know how badly small business are taken advantage of. When a consumer or business owner doesn’t specialize in technology, they are open to being taken advantage of both financially and mentally.

I want you to be my client for life, so I will always take care of you in a prompt, friendly and helpful manner. Your success is my success and as your small business grows, so does mine.

Today’s economical times are hard, which is why I must work harder to gain customers. For this reason, I group most of my services into package deals, and even offer discounts when ordering multiple services at the same time.

As you can see, I have your best interests at heart and I have a real eagerness and desire to help you.

Give me a call at (210) 236-6376contact us, or send an email to info@3rdplanetsolutions.com to learn how we can help your San Antonio small business grow.

I will do whatever it takes to help you and your small business succeed!