The Founder

Mr. Selwyn J Rivera, 3rd Planet Solution’s founder, is a computer geek and serves as the company’s lead technician and designer. Selwyn has been an active member of the IT industry for many years. Which began with proudly serving in the U.S. Air Force for over 20 years. He has dedicated his life in the service of others. Through the years, Selwyn has been trained in multiple areas of computing and technology. He will not stick to just one aspect of technology like web design, but aspires to learn as much about digital technologies as possible.
In addition, while in  the service, he collected comic books and currently owns a near-mint collection of over 10,000 comics. This is what inspired him into the design world. After finishing his military service Selwyn worked, for eleven years, in a large Telemarketing company in which he learned first-hand what it’s like to spend thousands of dollars just to have a wireless network installed. Being always curious has helped him learn additional skills and increased his business knowledge. He then ventured into smaller companies and businesses in order to increase his technical knowledge. Being a man of the people, he wanted to help the small business owner have the technologies in place to succeed without needing a second mortgage.
Selwyn tried retirement for a while but it was not for him. It was short-lived since he could not stop thinking about all he could do for small businesses. Selwyn’s return landed him to work for JAED Publications, Frederick “The Writer Fred” Williams, and others. Selwyn takes that financial burden away by offering fixed rates instead of wasted hourly rates for most services. You only pay for the time we are working for you.

Here for you always!