Ready To Upgrade Your Machine?

Ready To Upgrade Your Machine?

Let the pros replace your hardware

We've all been there. You load up the new game you've been anticipating for months, only to find out your computer can't play it properly. When the time comes to update your hardware, you can count on the pros at 3rd Planet Solutions.

We can replace all kinds of hardware in your machine, including:

Power supplies
Video cards

By getting help from an experienced technician, you can rest assured that your computer will work properly and avoid causing damage. Make an appointment for a hardware upgrade today.

We can repair your damaged computer

Like any piece of equipment, desktop and laptop computers will eventually wear out and break. When you need to replace damaged and broken parts, 3rd Planet Solutions can help. We'll replace anything from a broken laptop screen or keyboard to failing fans and motherboards.

Get your computer working again by calling us at 210-836-8521.