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Older computers and even newer computers can slow down for what seems like no reason at all. As time goes by, more and more data and bigger programs are put on your computer causing it to slow down. Computers such a netbooks can be slow off the shelf so upgrading them can ease frustration and increase productivity.

Minimum RAM Recommendations

Experts say the absolute minimum amount a computer should have is as follows:

• Windows 7 (32-bit): 1 GB
• Windows 7 (64-bit): 2 GB

• Windows 8 (32-bit): 1 GB
• Windows 8 (64-bit): 2 GB

• Windows 10 (32-bit): 2 GB
• Windows 10 (64-bit): 4 GB

Adding more memory can help by giving your computer more space to store temporary data.

What Type of RAM Do I Need

Each computer takes a different set of RAM chips and they have limitations as to the size and speed compatibility. We trust Crucial to tell you the exact RAM you need and provide fair pricing.
*Price vary on what type of memory the computer is compatible with.*