Enjoy A Faster, More Powerful Machine

Upgrade your computer with new hardware

Looking for a better experience for work or entertainment? Why not upgrade your old computer with newer components? 3rd Planet Solutions can replace all kinds of hardware in your computer with new and improved models. You can order new parts through us and rely on our skilled technician to install them properly. When we're done, we'll test your computer to make sure it works properly.

Discuss the computer upgrades you want with our technician today.

There's more to upgrading than just parts

There's more to upgrading than just parts

When you want the best performance possible for your machine, you need more than just new parts. 3rd Planet Solutions can:

Clean out your system to give your computer a boost
Remove unnecessary software that can use up valuable resources
Install new software to keep your computer up to date and improve performance

We'll work with you to get your computer where you want it to be. Call 210-836-8521 for computer upgrade services.