Keep Your Computer And Your Data Safe

Keep Your Computer And Your Data Safe

Schedule virus removal and data recovery services today

Viruses are a constant threat in the digital world. If your computer has become infected, you're not alone. 3rd Planet Solutions has the skills and knowledge needed to remove all kinds of viruses from your machine. We can take care of:

Trojan horses - "Backdoors" to your computer that can give hackers access at any time, allowing them to steal your information.
Malware - Malicious programs that can prevent your computer from working properly and even damage your hardware.
Adware - Programs designed to trick you into spending money by hijacking your computer or spamming pop-ups.

We'll do a thorough scan of your computer to make sure every potential threat is eliminated. Contact us today to arrange for virus removal services.

Retrieve your valuable information

From business documents to family photos, you store all kinds of important information on your computer. But there's no reason to panic if your computer becomes infected or damaged. 3rd Planet Solutions can retrieve your information for you. We also offer data backups so you can add an extra layer of security to your important files, giving you peace of mind.

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