Tired of Using a Slow Computer?

Upgrade your system with new hardware

Computers are essential tools for everything from work to entertainment. If you're tired of waiting on your computer to catch up every time you try to use it, consider an upgrade. 3rd Planet Solutions can update your computer with state-of-the-art hardware that will make it faster and more reliable. You'll spend less time being frustrated and more time doing what you want.

From motherboards and video cards to hard drives and memory, we can replace any part of your computer. Contact us today for more information.

Don't let malware ruin your computer

Having instant access to millions of people across the globe creates a security risk for your computer. Whether your computer is already infected or you want to set up a security system preemptively, 3rd Planet Solutions can help. Trust our technician to...

Clear out malware and adware from your computer
Install security software to protect your entire system
Create private folders or hard drives to protect sensitive information

We can also back up and recover your data to make sure your important information is never lost. Install a security system to protect your computer today.

Are you experiencing technical difficulties?

There's no reason the blue screen of death has to be the end of your computer or laptop. When you have computer troubles, bring your machine to 3rd Planet Solutions. We help customers in the San Antonio, Texas area with computer repair services.

Our technician will troubleshoot your machine to identify the problem. Once we know what's wrong, we'll work to fix your computer as quickly as possible. If you have damaged hardware that needs to be replaced, we can make recommendations.

Schedule computer repair services by calling us at 210-836-8521.